Inspirational podcasts

Abatgap favourite way to relax (and learn) of mine is listening to thought provoking, paradigm shifting interviews with ordinary people who, for various reasons…a slow dawning or a powerful one off event, have  different, clearer perspectives on life. On consciousness.  A great site is BATGAP (Buddha at the Gas Pump). Rick Archer in collaboration with his wife, interviews people from all walks and paths of life who as the website says, “are ordinary, but with awakened states of consciousness.”
Here you’ll find hundreds of skillful interviews with men and woman who will expand, challenge and offer you new ways of seeing both yourself and the world. The intention of this resource is to inspire and inform-it is up to the listener to discern and endorse, or not, each individual.
simranSimran Singh(whose book I reviewed and am just about do another because I love her!) has 11:11 talk radio. Again, there exists a plethora of wonderful interviews for you to choose from. She also offers 11: 11 magazine online. An inspired and inspirational resource of interviews, poetry and more. It is a good time to mention the generosity behind all these podcasts. They are all freely given and available as powerful teaching tools for those drawn to them.
sounds-trueAnother great site is Sounds True, Insights at the Edge. Tami Simon offers interviews “with leading spiritual teachers and writers about their latest challenges—the “leading edge” of their work.” Here you’ll find a range of conversations with psychotherapist’s, to shamans to Ministers. Her website also offers audio books, programmes, music. Again, another inspired place to listen and find resources on any topic.
There are many more than I’ve listed here but these are my fav’s.
I hope you enjoy!