‘Mindset Reset’ by Prudance Gensmen

The first thing that struck me about this book, was the generosity of the author who offers the templates in it for examining our beliefs. Its not just for individual use, but can by utilised by coaches, therapists, anyone who works with others in a transformative way.
‘Mindset Reset’ is an accessible and pragmatic approach to identifying beliefs, working out which of beliefs are working for us and which are limiting us, and then offers a straightforward process to follow to create new paradigms and beliefs.
The book offers twelve areas or Mindsets to examine: Self Care, Exercise & Nutrition, Medical Care, Financial Management, Education, Work, Life Purpose, Leisure, Family, Relationships and Spiritual.Under each of these headings we record our beliefs eg: Under the ‘Work’ heading the mindset you hold may be, “The harder I work the more valued I am.” Then you move onto changing that belief into a healthier one. Gensmen offers “ticklers” or possible mindsets under each category to get us thinking.  From here there are six questions to ask ourselves of each mindset or belief.


  1. What is my current Mindset? What message am I telling myself?
  2. Is this working for me? Yes/No? Why/Why not?
  3. If it is working, how is it reinforced and what does it bring to my life?
  4. If it isn’t working, then what would I want it to become and why?
  5. How can I, right now, begin to live from this (new) Mindset perspective? (3 actions)
  6. How does it feel when I embrace this (new) Mindset?
The workbook offers pages to record your insights and action points for each belief. Gensmen reminds us that it is an ongoing process; to examine entrenched and familiar beliefs and at the same time there is a way of embracing new beliefs to create positive change.
Change happens from the inside out so this is a powerful and practical resource that could be useful to us all!

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