New thoughts, new behaviours, new experiences

I’ve been reading a great book ‘You are the Placebo’ by Joe Dispenza. Some of the science I tripped over, but the kernel, the gold nugget, the daemon was this. Same thoughts, same choices, same behaviours, same reality. New thoughts, new behaviours, new choices. Nice.thoughts 3
Neuroplasticity makes us powerful co-creators of our own lives. Given we can create our own suffering through the quality (or lack of) of our thoughts, we can also create well-being by improving the quality of our thoughts. We think around 70,000 thoughts a day, almost all the same as the day before and the day before that. So let’s bring some Mindfulness into the equation and with intention and attention begin to notice our thinking.

thinking 1

What are your “Top 8” repetitive, replayed thoughts?
They vary for each of us but often fall into themes of unworthiness, failure, needing to work harder to prove worth, I’m no good/ at much, I’ll never get well, it’s too late to….., I can’t….. and on and on.
So let’s make conscious, unconscious repetitive thoughts by:
  • Being Mindful/aware of your thoughts
  • Listing your personal Top 8 repetitive, unhelpful thoughts
  • Creating the antidote. For each negative thought write the opposite, healthy thought. eg: “I am worthy and deserving.”
  • Repeat these to yourself on waking, during the day (timer on phone helps as reminder) and before sleep.
  • If you meditate finish your meditation by recalling these new thoughts
  • Noticing the negative thoughts you’ve been cultivating for maybe decades, (!) and reminding yourself that they aren’t real, just old habits, and can be replaced
Like Mindfulness, this is a quiet day by day practice. Approached lightly but with intention. Remember, new thoughts, new feelings, new choices. Co-create your life!

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