Stuck in the Mud like a Lotus


I recently just read a fabulous book and this line captivated me.

Whether you are stuck in your muck and liking it or rewriting your story and becoming the hero, there is magic in your midst.

Using mud as a metaphor for muck, let’s explore how we get ‘stuck,’ how it might serve us unwittingly and the potential ways to get unstuck. Given the complications in life, getting ‘stuck’ is not that difficult.

Sometimes we have to admit it’s just where we are at. There is no moving because we don’t yet have the resources, resilience or know-how to change it. It’s not healthy to stay here for too long.

At other times we use our comfort zone to mask the truth that we are “stuck” and unwilling or able to make the changes needed to enable our wellbeing and fulfil our potential. But we can do it.

Not long ago I started dancing classes. It was terrifying. I needed mountains of encouragement from another and reassurance all would be well. Fun in fact. After the initial three or so lessons my anxiety levelled off and self-consciousness diminished. And it was fun. Being out in the world, moving to music and laughing at two left feet with others is a joyous activity. And it’s a lesson that fear is just fear. It can’t hurt us and neither can it stop us if we choose.

lotus 1

So, tips for working with the “stuck in the mud” feeling in your life.

  • Get a friend or support to encourage/back you up into doing something fun and liberating that you’ve always wanted to do. It can be ANYTHING, but something that moves the body is particularly good.
  • Set intentions small or big and write them down eg: by the end of the week/month I will have looked at vacancies, talked to someone who does the job I want to do, relaxed for …. every day, walked in nature. Tick them off as you go because it feels good
  • Do small things outside of your comfort zone that are good for you and bring you a sense of happiness
  • Notice the good things already manifest in your life e.g. the love of an animal companion, loyal friends, the natural beauty around you, a good coffee, being a parent (even though stressful at times). Savour!
  • Know that you are co-creating your life, so that even if you feel “stuck” you can become unstuck with the support of others and perseverance.
  • Alice Walker once said ‘books save lives’. There are many books that are teachers. Inspiring, backed by neuroscience, reaching for the heavens books. Get to the library or bookshop and explore!

The very best to all of us who are continually working, both in and out of the mud. May we blossom like the Lotus.




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