Coaching, Career transition, Mindfulness coaching

It is not about our story, it’s about how we navigate it

mary oliver 2I’ve worked in a variety of settings, from classrooms, to corporate’s to the factory floor and yoga room as a coach, teacher.and trainer. My interest is assisting others to see and fulfill their potential. Through selfawareness, action can create lasting positive change. The coaching process guides and supports you in this.

What I offer:

  • Coaching: Working in partnership with you to identify goals, obstacles, solutions and a map charting a path toward these
  • Career Transition: Whether you have experienced redundancy or are motivated to identify and make career changes more aligned with your values and talents then we can work in partnership with this.
  • Mindfulness coaching: If you’d like to manage stress in a healthier way and learn evidence based practices to take away and embed in your life I will guide you through this learning and support you to make the changes you wish to see.

Do you need coaching to enable you to cultivate positive, lasting change?

  • Are you currently creating your life in alignment with your values, abilities & strengths?
  • Have you identified obstacles to moving forward,  and are able to navigate and pursue your goals without giving up?
  • Are you struggling with feeling “stuck” or overwhelmed by change and stress? Could you benefit from engaging in the coaching process to explore and implement new options and possibilities for your life?
  • Would identifying limiting thought patterns and behaviors be helpful as you make necessary & life affirming changes?

Who is Coaching for?

If any of these questions resonate and you’d like to explore steps toward a happier, balanced and more fulfilled life then email me.  We’ll arrange a time to discuss your needs and how we may work together. 
Ana Reyes-Croker:  Coaching, Career transition, Mindfulness coaching in Nelson, New Zealand
Dip Tchg, B Ed, Cert HR & Adult Training, MBSR teacher, IYTA Yoga, Member of International Coach Federation (ICF) Vital Futures Coaching training